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Social Distancing Videos by AMD Studios

In partnership with your business. We create professional social distancing films and digital media content for business use. AMD Studios is e well established innovative and highly creative commercial video production company. Lets us create your social distancing video.

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Social Communication

Reach your customers with the power of video. At AMD Studios we produce videos explaining how social distancing and hygiene measures work within your business and community. These videos are fantastic tools for your customers or guests to see what is expected of them and how your business is taking their concerns seriously. Perfect for social media and websites they are a great way to engage with your audience to help them feel secure doing business with you.

As you would expect, safety is our priority and we film following the current social distancing guidelines. We listen to your needs and adapt our video production process from there. We take the stress out of making social distancing videos. We develop the creative concept which we then storyboard, film, edit, add graphics in post-production and then deliver to you.

Why A Social Distancing Video?

Show customers what to expect from your business
Reassure customers they will be safe when they visit your business
Be relevant and engage with customers on social media platforms
Highlight key areas of your business
Show customers how your business has adapted to Covid-19
Display your Health and Safety practices
Demonstrate to customers your social distancing practices
Video is a proven tool for generating customer interaction
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By AMD Studios

Video Production Packages

We offer a range of social distancing video production packages as well as fully bespoke projects. You can use our social distancing videos pretty much anywhere including websites, social media, in-store displays, exhibitions, virtual exhibitions and shared content.

Social Distancing Video Package Prices

1 minute, 2 minute and 4 minute videos are the most popular types we are asked to make.

For bespoke projects or projects including actors please ask us for more information. We are always happy to help.

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Social Distancing Video Made Easy

No faffing around. Our social distancing video production process is aimed at making things as easy as possible for you.

Explore how we do it


Have a coffee with us on a video call, or have a natter with us on the phone while we chat about your needs. We are very approachable and we will discuss concepts, ideas, expectations and schedules. We also confirm our prices for your project.


Once we have an idea of what you are looking for we create solutions to meet those needs. We often produce digital storyboards to help visualise your concept. These are checked and approved by you prior to your commercial video being made.


This is where we film your video. Our cameras and lenses are very high quality for the best image possible. Drone filming is very popular. We also have our own boom mic sound recording, lighting and green screen systems for any video production need.


Editing is where we craft the filming into a beautiful video. Based on your specification in post-production we add music, graphics, voice-overs, digital animations and logos before we professionally colour grade your final showcase video.


We can deliver your video production in any popular format from web to broadcast use. 4K video and 1080p video are currently the popular choices. Media content is delivered online via our website and on USBs. Disc options are also available.


We like keep in touch with you to see how your video is performing. We can update your video production as your business grows and needs develop. We also archive your digital media for safe-keeping which provides peace of mind for our clients.

Optional Extras Worth Exploring

Need Photography?

We also do social distancing photography. How great is that? Compliment your social distancing video with professional photography by AMD Studios.

Create a seamless look and feel for all of your digital media. Please get in touch with us for more information. We would love to hear from you.

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Second Shooter

Large projects can benefit from a second shooter camera operator to ensure all aspects of your business portfolio can be captured in a single shoot. Especially when parts of your business run simultaneously or you simply have lots of detail you want captured. A second shooter camera operator is part of our professional team, so you're guaranteed the same level of great content.

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Live Streaming

Share your business live from our video cameras. The perfect solution for businesses that require social distancing. We can deliver live video streaming to a range of online platforms including Vimeo, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Add remote interaction to your business with live streaming.

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Virtual Exhibitions

Digital exhibitions are coming. Showcase your business virtually using our exhibition videos and live streaming. Stand out from the other exhibitors and communicate directly with your customers on a virtual digital platform.

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Contact Us

To discuss your corporate video production in more detail please do get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.

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