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Wedding live streaming by AMD Studios

Live Streaming by AMD Studios

Share your wedding. The perfect solution for family and friends who cannot be there in person.

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Wedding Live Streaming

Sometimes things happen where your loved ones cannot make it to your wedding. At AMD Studios we can live stream your wedding direct from our video cameras. Your family and friends can watch and hear your wedding from pretty much anywhere in the world - so long as they have an internet connection of course.

Live Streaming Weddings by AMD Studios

Sharing parts of your wedding day live online is very popular. We often broadcast the wedding ceremony and speeches via a secure password protected video link. The quality is far better than mobile phone video and your friends can comment in realtime and share your wedding experience as it happens.

Live Streaming weddings by AMD Studios

We have our own mobile video server, powerful data connection facilities and a lot of technical experience in this field. If you would like more information on live streaming your wedding, please ask the team at AMD Studios.

Are We Connected?

Internet connection is key! Where possible we will connect directly to your wedding venues broadband connection. If this is too slow or unreliable, we have our own mobile high-speed data connection facility.

Failing that, if your wedding is right in the middle of nowhere, we can even bring in a dedicated satellite link (They cost a small fortune though so please ask us for pricing options first).

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