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Wedding Drone

Have a drone filming during your wedding day. Creating amazing shots from a very unique perspective. The AMD Studios Drone is our most popular wedding film option, couples and guest just love it.

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Wedding Drone

Beautiful cinematic images taken from the sky add stunning visual content to your wedding film. Fully licensed by ??, AMD Studios have been using drones (UAVs) for several years.


The Legalities

Health and Safety: There are strict rules we must follow when flying a drone. These will always take priority.

Permission: This is required from the land owner and the CAA. Most wedding venues are used to drones and most require the relevant documentation and insurance to be supplied by the drone operator. We can provide this information to your wedding venue and we keep a copy with us.

Weather: We can only fly in certain weather conditions. Wouldn't it be great to always have a beautiful sunny day! As a general rule of thumb, if the couple and wedding guests are able to go outside for photographs then the weather is normally good enough for us to fly.

Watch Drone Examples

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